Claims Manager® is a versatile, modern, secure, and simple to use Risk Management Information System that offers tomorrow’s solutions, today.  Its intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with an automated workflow that is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.  Letting you easily capture, benchmark, administer, and report claims for all lines of property and casualty insurance.

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Since its inception, CM® has provided a flexible and powerful platform for the insurance industry to streamline their daily needs.  With an award-winning support team that offers comprehensive coverage on a completely configurable system, Claims Manager® is the only solution you will ever need.  Quietly handling all claim information –in one place– autonomously.

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30+ Years



Expert staff specialized in all insurance industry fields



Integration with Microsoft Outlook, and many other popular
applications of today


“I’ve been a long-time user of JDi Data’s Claims Manager® and have found the product and service to be first class.  It was extremely user-friendly and efficient back in 1999 when I worked at American Claims Management, a subsidiary of Arrowhead General, and the product continues to exceed my expectations today.  The system’s rich set of features provide the necessary tools to optimize my time when handling claims.”

–Chris Kazarian, Sr. Claims Specialist, Golden State Adjusters

JDi platform is clever thanks to the claims manager which can ensure you won’t be stressing anymore about approaching deadlines, and everything is under control thanks to one comprehensive multi-user platform. The portal itself looks nice and is very easy to use, even for a new user so that just gives it plus points.

JDi Data Claims Manager is a modern and easy to use claim management software solution that is doubted with an easy to navigate dashboard and user intuitive user interface. Perhaps the best part of using JDi Data is the cost reducing and effective bills checking. The platform can be used through any device since it is a web-based software with support for many platforms.