At JDi Data, innovation is key.  We are constantly working to enhance our products through our research and development teams to ensure that we are staying ahead of the technological curve.

One of our signature solution enhancements is Claims Manager’s® one-of-a-kind workflow engine.

The workflow engine was designed for the sole purpose to automate administrative tasks wherever possible allowing examiners to spend more time on valuable tasks such as communicating with an injured worker.


ReportBuilder is a unique ad-hoc tool designed to help all types of users, from beginners to experts, build reports in minutes.  This easy-to-use platform allows the user to select any data element that is captured within CM® for the report including custom and calculated fields.

Innovation thrives in an environment of constant change.  We strive to make those changes as easy to understand and as seamless as possible through the release of our software updates that you’re able to implement whenever you’re ready.

The technological era is upon us, let Claims Manager® help you get there faster.

For more information on our other innovations with Claims Manager® including the Quickstor Plugin, First Notice of Loss, and Portal, contact us today!